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Loading Block

Part Number STMLB
Loading Block
Loading Block
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.32 WCF
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4+ $30.00
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Loading block that doubles as a high primer and case check!!  Turns to hold ammo in place until you are ready for it.  Once it's empty it will slip easily into the pouch on your belt!  Buy 4 or more and we'll lower the price by $5 on each. 

Several blocks are available with 2 different sizes.  The first number indicates the inner ring of 10 and the second the outer ring of 10:  .38/.45 means the inner ring is .38 and the outer ring .45LC.

NOTE:  The .44WCF will work for .38WCF.  The .44 works for .44 special, .44 mag, .44 ruussian, etc.
Pistol calibers only - these are for your main match cowboy guns.

.45Colt/12g and .44WCF/12g are for all you Wild Bunch folks!  .44/12g NOW available too!!
The arrangement of the Wild Bunch blocks is a bit different than those for Cowboy, but holds 10 rifle rounds and 6 shotgun!! 
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PLEASE NOTE: When ordering "As Cast" there may be a 1-2 week delay in processing because we don't always have these immediately on hand. We will ship just as soon as possible on these orders.