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This is NOT loaded ammunition - only the bullet (the projectile).
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Published articles:

Bees or Mushrooms (A response to the article by Sundown Jones, SASS #5403, in the February, 2003 Cowboy Chronicle)

Bees or Mushrooms: Hard Cast or Soft Cast Bullets - A Preliminary test to see what's safest. (Further response to the original Buzzing Bees or Mushrooms above).

Back to the Future “Or, how did we get here, and where are we?” By Ol’ #4, as printed in the NCOWS “Shootist” July, 2003

Coming Soon:
Article from Guns of the Old West -- .44-40 Dynamic -- Gun Test by Denis Prisbrey

Article from Guns of the Old West -- USFA .44-40 Lightening -- Gun Test by Denis Prisbrey

Article from Handloader Magazine -- Winchester's First Centerfire -- Best of the Old West by Mike Venturino
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2. .38 cal, 125 grain .38 cal, 125 grain
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3. .38 cal, 158 grain .38 cal, 158 grain
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SliXpring - TTN Sear Spring SliXpring - TTN Sear Spring
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Spent Primer adapter
Case Iron
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